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North Somerset Logs

Our Wood

We provide the finest quality, seasoned hard and soft wood for your log fire or burner.


Our wood is sourced in an environmentally friendly manner and is fully seasoned to ensure maximum heat generation and ease of lighting.

Hardwood Logs

We stock a range of hardwood logs including Ash, Birch, Oak and Chestnut.  


Traditionally, Hardwood is much more dense than Softwood and as a result produces more heat when burned.


Hardwood logs burn longer and so less wood is required to generate a slow burning, long lasting heat.


  • Generates Greater Heat Output
  • Burns Longer
  • Less Wood Required

Softwood Logs

We stock and range of softwood logs including Pine, Fir and Spruce.


Softwood logs are lense dense and therfore burn quicker and with less heat. However due to their less dense nature they are easier to light.


Softwoods are also cheaper to purchase than hardwood logs.   


  • Easier to Ignite
  • Cheaper to Purchase
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Our Products

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Hard or Soft ?

Unsure as to which type of wood you require?


Take a look at our handy guide on wood types or give us a call to discuss